What do you think is an illusion?

Is it something we imagine?

Or maybe we believe in the fact that what we believe is just an illusion and will never turn into reality?

Haha,its so unpredictable,unbelievable, seems surreal, just so artificial, isn’t it?

But illusions are beautiful, so beautiful. That you don’t want to believe that they’re illusions, and why is that? Maybe because somewhere we fear that what we think about is right so what if it doesn’t become real?

I’m becoming too philosophical right, I know I choose to be like that sometimes its good to have such conversations they teach me so much about life!

But illusions do become a reality, when you believe in yourself, believe in the universe, believe in the law of attraction and trust me you’ll be there soon enough.

See it to believe it, do it to believe it and that’s all.

Author: Messedupworld

Love to dance.

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