Dear Misfit,

This one is for all the women and girls out there,who think they have a low self esteem,because they think they don’t look pretty or beautiful.

I’m not saying that only women have low self-esteems anyone can have a low self esteem because the Indian society has made it this way.

Women are made to feel as if they are not capable of doing anything,they aren’t made for a certain profession or anything else for that matter,right from the day we’re born we are told what we need to do,to the clothes,to the way we eat,to the way we sleep…… everything is judged upon, and you know what I call this hypocrisy.

Maybe I’m not taking it in the right spirit, who likes to be nagged all the time?

No one right? Then why us.

To all the ladies who’ve been shamed,trolled, made fun of give it right back don’t take any if this in your stride, you don’t deserve to you don’t have to you don’t need to.

You’re way beautiful,smart,pretty than you think you are no one puts you down ever.

Bad is beautiful or more like badass is beautiful.

Haha, that’s it for now.

Author: Messedupworld

Love to dance.

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