Threw a wish.

When I was a child I read in books,that shooting stars can make your wishes come true.

Haha,isn’t that too cliche?

Well,we don’t think of such things when we’re kids,we believe whatever we read and what our parents told us,I’m sure most of us have believed that Santa Claus was real and he was the one who used to put gifts under our pillows because we’ve been good kids through the year.

So here’s a little I want to share with all of you.

When I was a kid I really wanted to go to this fare in my school,but I could not since I was always restricted from doing such things. Well my mom would always come up with things like,” come on,you’re small you can’t go”. I would feel really bad.

Now I saw a shooting star in the sky,and I prayed where as a little child I said.”Hey shooting star,please fulfil my wish and I’ll make best friends with you.” 

Trust me it came true,but such things have always made me wonder if that was because of the shooting star,or was it because of something else?

I don’t really believe in lucky charms,I feel there’s nothing like lucky charms.

It’s all in us,we are the magic we want to be,we are the magic we want to see and we are the magic that we want to feel.

I know these lines are cliche,but aren’t they beautiful? 

Author: Messedupworld

Love to dance.

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