Scarred not scared?

Looks are deceptive! 

That was what I had heard somewhere,I think I even quite believe ṭhis fact.

We are not how we look,was what I heard somewhere but does anybody really follow that,does anybody genuinely feel that looks do not really matter in the real world,and what matters is just the way you look and nothing else other than that.

I mean really is that true? Does the world really work like that? I don’t think it does.

People these days are trolled,body shamed, mocked at for the way they look or maybe for they carry themselves off,for the clothes they wear,or for the way they talk everything about a person is judged.

Do we have a right to judge another person when we are not perfect ourselves? 

Well,I think looks don’t matter and a person should not be judged on the way he looks. 

I think we feel free,when we totally accept ourselves for they way we are.

That’s all I want ṭo talk about for now.!

Author: Messedupworld

Love to dance.

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