When I was in school,I was taught that respect is the most important thing that one needs,it is the basic human right and everyone desrves that minial right,no matter whether they’re rich or poor,fat or thin and religion and nationality never mattered. When I grew up I saw a lot of people telling about how many times they’ve been made fun of,mocked at no matter how jolly or jovial that person is he goes through moments in his life where he is made to feel that he is inferior, I hear so many people telling me that they’d been bullied at school and so their self-esteem or self-confidence to face others.

Talk about our fears,face them was what I was taught by my elders. I was taught that being kind to everybody was the only way we could live in this.But,today when I come to think of it,somewhere I start questioning myself if what I was taught or maybe we still teach our children our young peers or friends or buddies, whoever it is we are definitely at some level influencing them on how to treat others.

I still remember one of these incidents that had happened when I was young where this little boy was asked by his class teacher his point of views on respect.

The boy immediately replied,” when people are kind to one another and treat each other equally,it is respect,when people understand each other’s pain,it is respect,and when we bring out the positivity in one another,it is respect.

At that moment I was awestruck by what he said,for a minute I really wanted all of it to be true,I was perplexed at the fact that at such a small age the boy was able to think so much was remarkable.

“Be kind to unkind people,they often need it the most.”

Author: Messedupworld

Love to dance.

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