Badass Feminist.

Okay,that caption is kind of cliche.

But that’s how it has to be right? The “badass feminist”,I got the title from one of my friend’s t-shirt.

Feminism is one thing that everyone is coming up with these days.

Do you really know what feminism,there are people who come and tell me that feminism is over-rated.

Is it really over-rated? 

Or is it just that the scenario is getting worse each day,the fact that women are being tortured,standing up for the women and their rights,their education,marriage.

Is that all?Is feminism just one fancy term that people think they could use or do they actually stand by when they say they’re feminists?

No,I’m not trying to make this a social service page but its just the hypocritical and stereotypical society that we’re living in,who claim to be feminists but don’t do anything for women,disrespect them,torture them.

Is there more to this?

Is it just enough?

Well,I think its high time people do change their mindsets about what they think of women.

I think that’s all for now.

Author: Messedupworld

Love to dance.

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