Is it all fake?

This is a post friendship day post.

There were lot of people who texted me yesterday,some sent long paragraphs saying we will always be together no matter what,some said our friendship is the strongest what come May I will never leave your hand.I replied to all the messages maybe because I was polite or nice enough to do so,but when I come to think of it.

I wonder if its all really worth it,the promises that you give and celebrate such things,is it all a sham?

Is it just for some social media show off,to probably impress people or to look cool.

I had lost faith in such things the day I saw rather realised that nothing is really true,nothing of this sort really happens.

At the end of the day we are all alone,fighting our own battles some with our own selves some with others,some to survive in ṭhis cruel world.

Author: Messedupworld

Love to dance.

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