Wish it was fairytale world.

I believe fairy tales, I believe that everything happens for a reason, I believe good things happen for a reason and also the bad things happen for a reason.

I always wished my life was like a fairytale and all my dreams come true but then someone taught me that, “you don’t always get what you wished or are wishing for”.

At that time all of that never made sense to me I was always a very strong headed person,if I wanted something I’ll make sure that I get it.

Sometimes,in life that turns out to be the wrong attitude or people get different notions from what you say or what you do.But to me all that never mattered,but today after I’ve grown up and have fought certain battles and learnt lessons from the mistakes that I’ve made in life.

I truly wish that it was a fairy tale world and everything was just as perfect, and there would be no problems and sufferings or no tensions this world would have become such a pretty place to live in

I think God throws hurdles on the ones that he thinks can handle them,so apparently God thinks I’m badass?

Wow,how I wish this was true!

Author: Messedupworld

Love to dance.

4 thoughts on “Wish it was fairytale world.”

  1. dear Messedupworld, thank you for your very personal post, which moves me very much.
    To see the world through a fairy tale is beautiful and has many advantages. Sometimes you have to set off your glasses, because the everyday life often looks quite different. But in most cases, it can not be the wrong attitude, for it is an honest attitude, an attitude of respect and love. And God does not put stones in the way. If your path is longer and more difficult, then only because you should deserve it. Do not give up!


    1. Haha Thankyou so much for your support and courageous attitude,but I feel that if everyone in the world tries to be nice to one another and the way we treat each other,this world would become a much more beautiful place to live in.
      Also,the fact that I believe in fairytales is because they’re beautiful,they are honest and somehow makes me believe that the world out there is not as cruel 🙂

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  2. You are so right, the world could be much better, if people treat each other better. I think you have to make it conscious, because it can be difficult. As soon as one’s own problems and fears are in the foreground, it will be difficult to keep control …I realize this each day at the moment… yes, and this is probably what fascinates the fairytale world …. you have a good look, thank you!

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