We have often heard of the word “depression”,or rather everyday in today’s world where everybody is fighting amongst each other to gain more success,more power or even fame. But have we ever thought even once about what the other person might be going through inside, in today’s generation I hear the word ‘depressed’ from every teenager’s mouth so casually.

My friends come and tell me that they are depressed because they broke up with their boyfriends,or they fought with their best friends or they they have certain family issues. I often want to ask them if they actually knew what depression feels like? Do they actually know people who have been through it or are going through it.

Well,being in depression seems like the worst thing a person could ever go through,it feels like something is empty inside you,you constantly feel like something is being taken away from you and you can’t seem to do anything about it. You have no control over anything,there is a sense of disappointment,helplessness.

You always want someone to be there with you. It’s not that easy.

There’s much more to that. I think in today’s world I have seen people make fun of the people who are going through depression. Obviously that’s pathetic,but how would they know what it feels like unless they haven’t been through it.

Trust me,friend you’re not alone in fighting it.

There are loads of people out there who suffer from such things and we have no idea how we treat them,there certainly needs to be a change in the way we treat each other,look at each other,talk each other.

Help change the world.

That’s all.

Author: Messedupworld

Love to dance.

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