6 thoughts on “Let’s not complicate things for ourselves.”

  1. I´m a big fan of easy paths! Sometimes it´s difficult, because the past is still painful.
    What is the easiest path
    I would at once start my dreams. But this is only my head, my thoughts, my feelings. Is there a respond to my love? Is there any will on the other side?
    I can try and offer, but I can not force.
    If there is no respond to my love, of course there is no more reason to fight.
    But as I do not know, I have to keep on fighting.

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  2. This is the point again. We try to argue logical. And we can not get a solution. Because it is something about emotions. Emotions can not be solved by logical thinking. Logical thinking and the loss of emotions, made our world bad, brought all these illness. And we are going on, to prefer logic and to forget emotions. I never eever will do this!

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