Does true love exist?

Since childhood I have often wondered if true love really existed.

What I saw in movies did fascinate me and to some level rather extent it excited me too,I thought when I’d grow up I would find my prince charming too but as I grew up I realized there is nothing like true love.The basic respect and humanity that we have for another can be called.

There is no substitute for love. It is not something that can be shown or proven to others it is just there,there is  no reason to love another person,you just love the person for the he is.

I think  a little bit of love and respect could all the difference to the world and it a better place to live .


Author: Messedupworld

Love to dance.

3 thoughts on “Does true love exist?”

  1. this is true! There is nor real reason for loving. You try to reflect, what is it, what I love? You pick some reasons, and then you realize, that this is not everything. That you can pick endless, because you love everything, even the things, which this person calls his faults.

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