What is loneliness,when exactly does a person feel lonely,is it because is he dissatisfied with himself that he needs someone to complete him,or is it because he feels empty inside of him somewhere.

Well,it’s a saying no one can make you feel lonely unless you aren’t string enough to let yourself feel st rong.

Wrote something after a long time,hope you like it.


I could see a shine in her eyes,whenever she saw him. That sparkle,that twinkle in her eyes seemed so genuine that no one could ever think she was being cheated upon, her genuineness seemed so true, her love seemed so true that no one could ever think what she went through after all that had happened.

But he seemed heartless, never understood what she actually meant,and he gave her some promises that were never fulfilled for even the least.

And he thought it’s okay to break someone’s heart not realising what she actually went through. But no, for her it was never okay,she never settled for less.

And that’s why she could make sure that in the end nothing mattered,but what meant something to her was her happiness.


What do you think is an illusion?

Is it something we imagine?

Or maybe we believe in the fact that what we believe is just an illusion and will never turn into reality?

Haha,its so unpredictable,unbelievable, seems surreal, just so artificial, isn’t it?

But illusions are beautiful, so beautiful. That you don’t want to believe that they’re illusions, and why is that? Maybe because somewhere we fear that what we think about is right so what if it doesn’t become real?

I’m becoming too philosophical right, I know I choose to be like that sometimes its good to have such conversations they teach me so much about life!

But illusions do become a reality, when you believe in yourself, believe in the universe, believe in the law of attraction and trust me you’ll be there soon enough.

See it to believe it, do it to believe it and that’s all.

Dear Misfit,

This one is for all the women and girls out there,who think they have a low self esteem,because they think they don’t look pretty or beautiful.

I’m not saying that only women have low self-esteems anyone can have a low self esteem because the Indian society has made it this way.

Women are made to feel as if they are not capable of doing anything,they aren’t made for a certain profession or anything else for that matter,right from the day we’re born we are told what we need to do,to the clothes,to the way we eat,to the way we sleep…… everything is judged upon, and you know what I call this hypocrisy.

Maybe I’m not taking it in the right spirit, who likes to be nagged all the time?

No one right? Then why us.

To all the ladies who’ve been shamed,trolled, made fun of give it right back don’t take any if this in your stride, you don’t deserve to you don’t have to you don’t need to.

You’re way beautiful,smart,pretty than you think you are no one puts you down ever.

Bad is beautiful or more like badass is beautiful.

Haha, that’s it for now.


Have you ever got that feeling where you felt empty inside,felt lonely?

Isn’t it painful,doesn’t it feel like a part of you had been taken away from you and you’re absolutely helpless about it?
Yes I’ve had that feeling,trust me it’s the worst feeling ever,it feels like a part of you is missing,I felt that something  was curling up inside me .

I had a sense of resentment,I just wanted to be left alone,happiness  missing inside.

I tried to look for happiness within me.

I did find it in the end but its wasn’t satisfying enough.

I just feel that its better to find happiness within yourself than to look for it in others .

Believe in Magic.

It’s beautiful,magic is very beautiful,it gives me a feeling where something is dull and it changes to something beautiful.

To me magic is special, I think that magic need not only be seen but felt.

What I’m talking about could be very generic,very common but it’s true.

That purity,that beauty,that shine everything is just so perfect.

I won’t want to say that miracles are magic,but nevertheless they are so positive and so pure.

At the end of it I just with that everything was miraculously magical .

Ever had that feeling?

There was a time in my life when I felt it wasn’t worth it,there was a time in my life when I felt lost, I felt that something was missing and had a major empty feeling.

I felt life wasn’t worth,I wasn’t getting what I wanted,nothing was working for me. I had no idea where I was going,what I was doing.

I was lost completely,nothing seemed right. But I think we all go through that phase atleast once in. Our lives and when it’s right it’s right 

Well,you just need the right time to do things,the right methods for the things to fall into place.

Be positive friend, and everything will start to feel right.

Threw a wish.

When I was a child I read in books,that shooting stars can make your wishes come true.

Haha,isn’t that too cliche?

Well,we don’t think of such things when we’re kids,we believe whatever we read and what our parents told us,I’m sure most of us have believed that Santa Claus was real and he was the one who used to put gifts under our pillows because we’ve been good kids through the year.

So here’s a little I want to share with all of you.

When I was a kid I really wanted to go to this fare in my school,but I could not since I was always restricted from doing such things. Well my mom would always come up with things like,” come on,you’re small you can’t go”. I would feel really bad.

Now I saw a shooting star in the sky,and I prayed where as a little child I said.”Hey shooting star,please fulfil my wish and I’ll make best friends with you.” 

Trust me it came true,but such things have always made me wonder if that was because of the shooting star,or was it because of something else?

I don’t really believe in lucky charms,I feel there’s nothing like lucky charms.

It’s all in us,we are the magic we want to be,we are the magic we want to see and we are the magic that we want to feel.

I know these lines are cliche,but aren’t they beautiful? 

The path.


The path of elevation isn’t that something very weird,or maybe it isn’t because maybe at some level we do have to elevate ourselves to a better place to a better track or maybe in terms of even elevate our minds.

When I was going through some difficult times in my life,someone very dear to me had asked me to better myself,she asked me to elevate myself to become a more mature and a better person.

When I thought of it at that moment I just felt this weird cringy feeling inside me where I just wanted to hold myself cry to myself and ask, why me? 

I thought that I was a bad person,an immature person.

But no, I later realised that it was basically for me to understand that I can think of something better to do in my life something that helps me grow.

We’ve come for a short visit here,and wouldn’t want to miss smelling the flowers.

Scarred not scared?

Looks are deceptive! 

That was what I had heard somewhere,I think I even quite believe ṭhis fact.

We are not how we look,was what I heard somewhere but does anybody really follow that,does anybody genuinely feel that looks do not really matter in the real world,and what matters is just the way you look and nothing else other than that.

I mean really is that true? Does the world really work like that? I don’t think it does.

People these days are trolled,body shamed, mocked at for the way they look or maybe for they carry themselves off,for the clothes they wear,or for the way they talk everything about a person is judged.

Do we have a right to judge another person when we are not perfect ourselves? 

Well,I think looks don’t matter and a person should not be judged on the way he looks. 

I think we feel free,when we totally accept ourselves for they way we are.

That’s all I want ṭo talk about for now.!